Heat Insulation

Removable and reusable insulation covers are fabricated insulation products used in industrial and commercial applications where insulation must be periodically removed for inspection and maintenance. Equipment with irregular or complex surfaces Such as :

  • Valves
  • Turbines
  • Valve
  • Exhaust
  • Engines Etc.
Fluoroplactic Lining

To meet demands from chemical processing industry such us biochemical,pharmaceutical, petrochemical,fertilizer and chemical industries for corrosions-resistant application,PT. JElL FAJAR INDONESIA keeps developin g and improving the manufacture and design capabilities. We offer our customer the best product with high satisfaction.

The PTFE fluoroplastic we use have some unique properties,they are chemically…


In general we can offer you almost all type of gasket with 3 standard catagories;
•    Soft ( non-metallic )
•    Semi-metallic
•    Metallic

Mechanical Seal

PT. TRI-GRAHA SEALISINDO is the first national company in Indonesia manufacturing Mechanical Seal with brand name is EAGLE ASMUSS.

In order to provide solutions in sealing technology, PT. TRI GRAHA SEALISINDO establish a full high technology industry in 3 hectares with independent design, engineering and manufacturing.

Expansion Joint

Fabric expansion joint is a flexible joint which is specificatty designed to withstand physical elongation on a ducting system caused by the increase of temperature.

Thus the primary function of fabric expansion joint is to reduce the strees level applied to the ducting system due to these changes.

Flexible Hose

Our Flexible hose is manufactured by one of Division from PT.Trigraha Sealisindo.Start from design until finish roduct include testing and inspection.

Flexible Hose  have wide application in oil and gas, petrochemical, melter,power generation, Cement, paper-mill, building, textile, dying,pharmacy, and food industries.

Gland Packing

Gland packing dapat diartikan sebagai material yang deformable yang digunakan untuk mencegah atau mengontrol celah fluida antara permukaan yang bergerak/berputar dan diam/statis.

Packing ini adalah bentuk tradisional dari gland seal dan dapat diproduksi dari variasi material yang berbeda. Seringkali packing ini dikombinasikan dengan lubricant.